Recently the Pro-life Healthcare Alliance (a program of HLA) released a DVD detailing the dangers of stealth euthanasia and assisted suicide.

What people are saying about it:

“This DVD is awesome and it could actually be viewed during a meeting, with follow up time to discuss. Understanding the issues covered in the DVD is critical for us personally but also in ministry, outreach and policy development.”
-Georgette Forney (Anglicans for Life)
“This is a wonderful resource. I can see it being used in a discussion series in a variety of church settings. I know I'll distribute the link broadly. Thank you!”
–Marie Bowen (Presbyterians Pro-Life)

Watch a clip:

Attend the conference:

Human Life Alliance, the Pro-life Healthcare Alliance, and Texas Right to Life are hosting a conference in Allen, Texas on September 24th. To read more visit To request your tickets (while seats are available) go to