Gifts of stock or other securities are an important way for you to support HLA’s mission. Typically, it’s beneficial to donate appreciated securities in order to bypass capital gains taxes due had you sold your securities directly in the market. You may also be eligible for a charitable deduction based on the fair market value.

It is important you notify HLA of your securities donation so we can confirm acceptance in our transfer account as well as know where to send a thank you receipt. Your broker may not share this information with us.

You will need to know the following information to make a stock transfer:

Account owner: Human Life Alliance
Firm: Independent Financial Group LLC
Account number: 5HQ-042929
DTC: 0443

For a packet of complete instructions and account information, please contact HLA here.

Closely held and family company shares: Human Life Alliance will work cooperatively with you to contribute shares of closely held or family companies, with sensitivity to control and timing preferences. Please contact us to discuss your plans.

Neither Human Life Alliance nor its staff practice any licensed advisory role in law, accounting, financial planning, or similar field. Nothing contained in HLA communications should be construed as such advice. Always consult with your own professional advisors in their area of expertise.