A charitable bequest, or estate gift, is an excellent way to provide for the needs of HLA long after you’ve passed away—we appreciate your support and encouragement of our pro-life efforts.

Adding HLA to your will could be as simple as inserting the following text:

“I bequeath to Human Life Alliance (1614 93rd Lane NE, Blaine, Minnesota 55449) the sum of [dollar amount or percentage] of the residue of my estate to be used at the discretion of its governing board.”

A statement of this nature is among the easiest and most popular, providing a meaningful gift that will allow us to determine the wisest use of the funds at the time of reception. Of course, if you would like to dedicate funds to a particular part of our mission, the board of directors would be pleased to carry out your wishes. If you choose the latter option, you may want to contact us to ensure that we understand how to best carryout your intentions.

When you approach your legal representative to add HLA to your will, you will likely need a copy of our IRS determination letter noting HLA’s 501(c)(3) status and EIN. (See the Financial Info on our site)

When your documents are drawn up, please consider sending us some sort of notification so that we might properly thank you for your kindness.

Neither Human Life Alliance nor its staff practice any licensed advisory role in law, accounting, financial planning, or similar field. Nothing contained in HLA communications should be construed as such advice. Always consult with your own professional advisors in their area of expertise.