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Quiz: How much do you really know about abortion?

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Get the Facts Before You Decide

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Abortion is Harmful to Women

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The Science of Sex

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I was 15 when I found out I was pregnant – no citations


Abortion and Breast Cancer

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What About Rape and Incest?

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The Over Population Myth

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Adoption is a choice or


Abortion – Racism Infographic

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Reproductive Racism – no citations


When do you think life begins?

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This is what happens – surgical abortion methods

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More ways to kill your baby – “medical” abortion methods

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What About Birth Control?

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A 2-year-old & a baby in the womb: What’s the difference?

Adapted with permission from: Klusendorf, Scott. The Case for Life; Equipping Christians to Engage the Culture. Crossway. 2009.


Best Decision Ever no citations


Stand Up for Women


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