I don’t know what we would do without these publications. Women are taking them and actually reading them! They are coming back out and talking. And we’ve had 9 babies saved in 3 weeks. God is so wonderful.

We handed out “This is not Your Only Choice” and it’s unbelievably effective. In the last two years we documented 54 babies saved!

Thank you for passing along a couple of hefty boxes of Unfair, as well as the J4G Mags & the Sidewalk Counseling “Please Read”. These prove extremely useful, both in our food shelf bags, and especially on the streets respectively. It was very kind of you to send them through the *****, such a faithful couple. I hope you are basking in the Easter graces this time of year, although the weather may indicate holding onto winter, it is not summate of what God is doing in hearts. Almost every day this week when I’ve arrived at the sidewalk and seen either ***** or *****, they’ve informed me of one if not several moms and families who’ve changed their minds in order to give the lives of their little ones a chance. Last Tuesday, I went into our local church, and found your spring benefactors newsletter. I had it read cover to cover in about a quarter of an hour, and am excited about your great projects this year. Watching your videos on the web has me hopeful you’ll be reaching the latest generation of pro-lifers with new media, and we look forward to seeing the video to contend with Imposed Death-Life is Worth Living. Keep up the strong work, and you’ll be in my weekly prayers. God bless you.

We just closed the Women’s Pavilion Abortion Center in our area and wanted to share the good news with you. You’re a part of this, Human Life Alliance, because of all of your literature and pamphlets.

I am so very grateful for the HLA publications and I know we ask a lot of you, ordering many supplies for distribution in our Sacramento area, between the sidewalk, state capitol, schools, churches, colleges, etc. Sometimes we have not had enough money on hand to pay for our orders, yet you have shipped them anyway and as a result, lives have been saved, hearts and minds have been changed.

“Four pregnant teens, all of them abortion-minded, came to the center as a result of the HLA Supplement, and all of them have decided to carry their babies to term! Ironically, these unwed, pregnant mothers were not college students themselves but all had mothers who had returned to college. In each case, completely unrelated to and independent of the other, it was the mother who read the HLA Supplement and was motivated through it to help her daughter seek alternatives to abortion. Without a doubt, the HLA Supplement should be credited for saving those four babies.”

“I want to personally thank you for this insert. Before I read it, I was pretty much riding the fence on the issue of abortion. I believed it was a woman’s right to choose, but I personally would never get one. Now after having read this article through tears, I have a strong opinion. This article really opened my eyes. Thank you very much. Continue educating people in this way, and we may be able to do something about this barbaric practice.”

On Tuesday, we finished our goal of 100 individual campus outreaches since February; we counted approximately 100,000 pieces of literature distributed since the beginning of the school year. THANK YOU, HLA! We couldn’t have done it without you!

I just received the Just4guys/girls updated newsletter in the mail and am so excited about it! I think it is truly one of if not the best resource out there for calling young people to a new standard of sexual integrity and ethics. We are still in our beginning phases of program development for our sexual health program here at Abria, but I anticipate these being really great supplementary materials to have for our classroom presentations and college campus events. Thanks for your hard work and commitment to spreading the messages of life and love!

What a beautiful magazine, the new edition of She’s a Child not a Choice! We’d love to have some for the moms we counsel here at LAPS! We would like to order a couple of boxes (1,000)? Would that be possible?

We need you all; our children, our grandchildren need your help and support. Thank you for recognizing children are a blessing.

The kids went back to San Francisco with my daughter Sarah and her friend Catherine to pass out another 1,000 pieces of lit. Sarah brought up some from Survivors

I have seen a bunch of that information, but the whole presentation was just awesome. I gave the copy that I had to a student who is really busy advocating and campaigning for the election we have on Tuesday (truth is she liked it so much that I couldn’t take it back from her :D). I must admit that I had lost a lot of hope on the subject, but this push is really awesome…

“After receiving [HLA’s] insert in my college newspaper (The Daily Texan) I changed the way I thought of abortion… (Now) I think that human life, especially the growth of a child, is an amazing miracle…”

“Hello, I’m a student at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign, and I’m sending you this e-mail in response to the pro-life supplement that appeared in our very liberal and opinionated school paper, the Daily Illini, this past spring. I was absolutely elated to witness someone getting the message out in both an objective and a subjective manner.”

Rejection is either God’s protection or redirection. I thought being a single mother was a shame. I lived life recklessly to the extent that I didn’t care about myself or about my daughter. After being rejected by my husband I thought no one is going to love me. I only engaged in relationships where I was used and dumped. After reading other people’s testimonies, I realized who I was and how important my body and my life was. I made an oath to myself and my God that I will never allow Satan to use me because my body is the temple of God and I believe that I will be loved again.

“I’m so grateful to the people who put this supplement in the newspaper. When my baby grows up, I’m going to tell him or her that there are people out there—people we don’t even know and will probably never meet—who saved our lives.”

This is a great video which is not faith based. Maybe it will reach more people that way. I believe in God myself. But I know many people steer clear of anything to do with faith or religion. Thanks for posting.

A good friend just gave me 12 copies of J4G to distribute to the young mothers in the Tues Bible study that I teach. What an outstanding magazine! Absolutely wonderful. I am going to create a whole Bible lesson around its contents and then hand them out to the gals for follow up. God’s perfect timing, as we have been studying “Sexuality & your children” for the last month in this group.

Good news from today… a counselor was able to speak (separately) with three young women who are beginning their internships with Planned Parenthood. Two of them accepted the Human Life Alliance booklet, “The Truth Behind Planned Parenthood” from her! Pray that their eyes will be opened from these conversations and the HLA piece. You never know who you are going to run into while sidewalk counseling, or how significant just a few words can be.

Our experience of meeting and getting to know you has increased our confidence with regards to stepping out into the arena of end of life issues. I have been reviewing the brochure, Informed, and find it refreshingly up to date with so much information compacted together with the latest topics.

“I became pregnant and used your supplement to convince my mother that abortion was not the “easy way out.” I was 21 when I had Isaiah; he was born two days after finals! He is the most wonderful person I’ve ever met. He’s a charming little boy, with bright eyes and a captivating smile. He’s teaching me so much about life, happiness, [and growing up].”

I’m a sidewalk counselor in Tampa – I love your “this is not your only choice” brochure. It is well suited to this environment. Please feel free to send free samples of any extras you may have lying around (hint hint) lol.

I have been using the street magazine, “This is not your only choice” for several years… I had the privilege of using the photos in the center of this magazine to show a young girl who was just 6-7 weeks pregnant, what her baby looks like on Sat., Aug. 8. This young lady just walked out of this abortion facility, telling me that she “couldn’t go through with it.” She had been crying, but soon her eyes shone with joy at the exciting news that her baby actually was more than “a clump of cells.” She left smiling and gave me a “thank you” for the magazine and my info.

I wish to thank you for the extra booklets you sent—I pass them out in various places—I’m 90 years old and find it interesting to see how fast they disperse. I go back and in a matter of minutes—they are gone. I add a note on each one to pass on after they read it.

“I am the Chairman of the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia. I was very pleased and a little surprised to see your advertising supplement in every copy of the student newspaper that was distributed on campus last week. Your pro-life testimonies, reports, personal reflections and expert opinions were powerful, persuasive and convincing. Keep up the good work, and continue to spread the truth about conception, children and the evils of abortion.”

“This morning a 21-year old woman came to our Crisis Pregnancy Center for post-abortion counseling as a direct result of your insert in the Bakersfield College campus newspaper. She is a Christian, and was at the time of the abortion, so her conflict and pain are great. We will work with her, and pray that through God’s healing process she will find peace. Thank you for your efforts. I thought you should know your efforts are bearing fruit.”

“…it brought tears as I read the stories of other women who have had an abortion, like me. I guess I was too young to be making such an important decision about my life and the life of my baby, at the age of eighteen. When the doctor told me I did not have to do this (go through with the abortion) I still went ahead anyway. I guess I was just too dumb or just too young thirty-two years ago and I will always want to change what I cannot. I’ve had four pregnancies afterwards, having four beautiful boys. Every year I remind my sons about seeing the face of God, when the nurse handed them to me the next day. I knew then that there was a God that lived. I saw the face of God in the face of my newborn sons.”

“Before then, I was only capable of defending life from an emotional standpoint. Between studying pre-med, pre-nursing, and pre- pharmacy, my interest and concern will be forever held by this fight to establish a definition of life. Thank you so much for all that you have done, and I wish your organization good luck in promoting this culture of life!”