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You Can Stop Injustice

The latest pro-life information for college students and organizations! Get yours now!

You Can Stop Injustice highlights abortion as the greatest social injustice of all time.  Through personal stories, hard facts, and shocking statistics, You Can Stop Injustice encourages young people to take action, giving the child in the womb the rights and opportunities all people deserve as human beings in a just society.  It is an eye-catching, engaging publication designed to appeal particularly to college students.  While offering students a pro-life understanding of abortion and its consequences, it also asks them to consider these issues from a new perspective - social justice.

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You Can Stop Injustice

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You Can Stop Injustice is also available for viewing on the web in HTML and Adobe Acrobat PDF format. To view the images in HTML format (faster viewing) use the viewer below. If you wish to download, print, or e-mail the publication as a PDF, you will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader that is available here. To download, print, or e-mail the entire publication (slower) click here.