Just for Girls/Just for Guys 2014-15

J4G2014-15 is the latest edition of HLA's groundbreaking teen abstinence magazine. Colorful graphics grab students' attention and get them reading thought provoking stories, quizzes, tips and more (which include all the latest stats and figures). Feature articles are designed to challenge popular assumptions of "safe-sex" and pop culture myths. This ingenious flip magazine will entice students to read the material and help build discussions in a youth group, classroom or family setting.

Articles Include:

  • Why Wait?
  • The Inside Scoop on Guys.
  • Hollywood: Truth or Scam.
  • Sexting: Before you hit send...
  • If you've been raped
  • Safe Dating Tips.
  • Q&A with our Doctors
  • True Story: A Second Chance
  • The Inside Scoop on Girls
  • Rewiring the Brain: The porn effect
  • Dating Downsides.
  • The Science of Sex.
  • What Women Really Want.
  • And more...