Did You know?

Abortion is the leading cause of death among African Americans. Did You Know? is shattering the silence of this great tragedy. Written by African Americans for the African American community, Did You Know? contains powerful articles written by leaders such as Dr. Alveda King, niece of Martin Luther King Jr., Rev. Arnold Culbreath, Urban Outreach Director for Protecting Black Life, Dr. Johnny Hunter, National Director of Life Education and Research Network, Inc., and many others.

Main articles include:

  • The True Meaning of The Dream by Dr. Alveda King
  • Reproductive Racism by Akua Furlow
  • Our Heritage is on the Verge of Extinction by Dr. Johnny Hunter
  • Reflections of an Ex-Abortionist by Dr. Noreen Johnson
  • A Planned Parenthood Insider Speaks Out by Dr. La Verne Tolbert
  • The Real Story: How Abortion Affects Families by Brian and Denise Walker
  • Abortion & Premature Birth by Dr. Martin J. McCaffrey
  • Watchman to Watchmen: An Appeal to Pastors by Rev. Arnold Culbreath
  • Waiting for Mr. Right by Lakita Garth Wright
  • The Urgency of Now by Pastor Luke Robinson
  • We Shall Overcome... Abortion by Day Gardner