The Truth Behind Planned Parenthood

Did you know Planned Parenthood commits more abortions in the U.S. than any other organization? The Truth Behind Planned Parenthood exposes its "reproductive health care" strategy and presents evidence of life-offending abuses. This unique combination of essays from pro-life leaders across the nation exposes plans and tactics designed to promote Planned Parenthood's culture of death.

Main articles include:

  • Why You Should Read This? Because ignorance is not bliss (by Jo Tolck, HLA)
  • What Does Planned Parenthood Do? (and NOT do?) (by Jim Sedlak, ALL)
  • Planned Parenthood EXPOSED (by Cassy Fiano, Live Action)
  • Fraud, Deception & Death - Oh my. (by Cheryl Sullenger, Operation Rescue)
  • Racial Targeting & Population Control - Funded by you. (by Walter Hoye, Issues4Life Foundation)
  • Mega-Centers - The "Lenscrafters of family planning." (by Eric Scheidler, Pro-life Action League)
  • Planned Parenthood: Champion of "Choice" - Really? (by Debra Braun, Pro-life Action Ministries)
  • The Master Plan - Too many of the "wrong kind" of people (by Ann Olson, HLA)
  • Getting Schooled By Planned Parenthood - how they're indoctrinating our youth (by Ann Olson, HLA)
  • Been There...Regret That. Women share their Planned Parenthood experiences (by Silent No More Awareness)
  • Most Trusted? We don't think so. (by Jim Sedlak, ALL)